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Hardware is required for simVITRO. This includes the robot, a 6 axis force-torque sensor, 3D digitizing device, computer, ethernet switch, ethernet cables, data acquisition devices, device specimen mounting fixtures, and a robot controller specific manual control interface. Beyond the required hardware, additional hardware can be purchased and can offer extensibility to simVITRO. An example of this may be a motion capture system to measure level-by-level spine motions, or patellofemoral knee motions. Some of the required hardware is considered third-party-hardware and the simVITRO team, through its industrial partners, can provide a complete turn-key solution to suit your specific needs.

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Robot  tap/click for details Motion-Capture Tri-Pedestal Base specimen Manual-Control Load-Cell sensor1 sensor2 Memory Lock Clamp Memory Lock Clamp

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