Product Information

A simVITRO system is a turn-key solution.  Having simVITRO software and the right hardware for your testing system is not everything you will need.  We provide integration kits which include all the necessary hardware, software, and documentation (user manuals) for successful integration of all the components of your particular simVITRO configuration. In addition, a member of the simVITRO team will travel to your facility to integrate all the hardware and software to provide a fully functioning system to your exacting specifications.

While we are onsite performing the system integration, we aim to transfer knowledge and help your team develop the applicable skills.  Our goal, by the end of the visit, is to provide you with a solid foundation in how to independently use simVITRO to accomplish your testing objectives.  However, simVITRO is a very powerful and flexible software platform and gaining a full understanding of using all the features cannot be accomplished in this initial visit.  For this reason, we will provide remote support and ad hoc training per the terms of the support agreement.  Our goal is to make you successful.

Value Added Services
simVITRO offers a comprehensive set of professional engineering services, including experiment support, scientific consulting, systems engineering, fixture/facilities design, custom software, system evaluation, and data analysis services. If you have engineering needs that are not in the typical scope of a simVITRO system, our turn-key approach means we are still interested in helping you accomplish your goals.  Our experts will discuss research objectives, analyze the situation, and translate the goals and objectives into an actionable initiative or provide guidance and validation on an existing plan of action.

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Designed with flexibility and customization in mind, simVITRO® can be configured to provide unique solutions to your challenges. Our team’s extensive experience allows us to provide turn-key solutions based on our systems engineering approach. Learn More…