Benefits of simVITRO

simVITRO’s main focus is to make sure customers obtain a superior tool that ultimately saves money and time, thus giving you more opportunity to answer questions and advance your research. As each project is unique, we will work with you to ensure you obtain definitive value from our world-class system and staff.

What researchers say about simVITRO

I would not be using a robot if simVITRO didn’t exist. As the FDA requires more and more data, and with our ability to quickly generate that data right here in the lab, simVITRO will continue to give us a competitive advantage.

Professor Bill Walsh, PhD
Professor and Director of the Surgical & Orthopaedic Research Laboratories ,
University of New South Wales

at the University of New South Wales

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Here are just a few reasons why customers have chosen simVITRO:

Expansive, Customizable Solutions

  • Build around new or existing robotic or sensor infrastructure in your laboratory or testing facility
  • Create joint loading profiles that are dynamic and flexible
  • Select the specimen module(s) that match your research program
  • Construct and configure sensors from built-in libraries
  • Customize sensors and measurements unique to your particular application via the plug-in style architecture
  • Scale your system to fit your needs

Powerful, Streamlined Research

  • Reduces cost and time to publishing your scientific discoveries
  • Integrates into both your translational and basic research programs
  • Provides new insight into joint biomechanics or implant designs
  • Utilizes International Society of Biomechanics standards for joint coordinate systems

Dedicated Support Team

  • Detailed documentation for quick answers
  • Phone, email, remote desktop, and in-person support available
  • Based in both North America and Europe to provide timely support  
  • Software and experimentation support does not vanish when students graduate
  • Draw upon over two decades of combined experience in joint biomechanics

Have a question or need a custom quote?

Designed with flexibility and customization in mind, simVITRO® can be configured to provide unique solutions to your challenges. Our team’s extensive experience allows us to provide turn-key solutions based on our systems engineering approach. Learn More…