Product Information

simVITRO is a powerful and flexible merging of hardware and software. It is designed to integrate hardware from various robot and sensor manufacturers. It also is designed to provide flexibility for end users to select the anatomical research area and have the appropriate set of software tools to support the business and /or research needs.

Specimen Modules
To accommodate a wide variety of Orthopaedic biomechanics research, we have created specimen modules specifically tailored to each major joint area. Whether you are interested in knee, spine, hip, shoulder, foot/ankle, hand/wrist, or elbow, these modules provide all the necessary software components to configure and streamline simVITRO for your needs. In addition to handling all the major joints, simVITRO has a generic module that can be utilized for general purpose or non-traditional applications requiring 6 degree of freedom force/torque and position control.

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generic knee elbow hip shoulder spine Wrist-Hand Foot-Ankle

simVITRO tightly integrates with many third-party hardware sensors including force-torque sensors, 3D spatial digitizers, motion capture systems, pressure and contact mechanics sensors, orientation sensors, micro-motion, and strain sensors.  Configuration of these sensors occurs inside the simVITRO framework and data from all the sensors is time synchronized & saved in the experiment run data file.  This makes setup and post processing a snap.  See the current list of simVITRO compatible third-party hardware sensors.  If what you need is not on the list, let us know.  We are always expanding the list and creating new drivers.

simVITRO scales to suit your needs.  This allows the same software that can provide full physiological loading to human knee joints to also control loads on rat and mouse joints.  To do this, different size and load capacity robots can be integrated with simVITRO.   See the current list of simVITRO compatible robots.  If what you need is not on the list, let us know.  We are always expanding the list and creating new drivers.

Sensor-State-Control-Actuator-Data (SSCAD) Toolkit
Any controlled mechatronic system can typically be broken up into several fundamental building blocks: Sensor, States, Controllers, and Actuators.  Sensor data can be used to compute states.  State data can be used as an input to a controller.  The controller output is sent to an actuator whose influence on the system is likely to change sensor output, closing the loop.  A library of Sensor, State, Controller, and Actuator classes provides a flexible software toolkit.  This could be used with any other data acquisition or control system that may be developed. Inherent to the SSCAD toolkit is the ability to decide which data is saved to disk.  simVITRO is built upon the SSCAD framework which provides the flexibility for extensibility.  It also is available for customization and control of other mechatronic systems in your research facility.

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Designed with flexibility and customization in mind, simVITRO® can be configured to provide unique solutions to your challenges. Our team’s extensive experience allows us to provide turn-key solutions based on our systems engineering approach. Learn More…